A Survey on AI enabled security of Internet of Vehicles


  • Surendra Singh Chauhan


AI, IoV, Safety, Privacy, Data Protection.


This paper offers a robust survey on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the security of Internet of Vehicles (IoV). Significant emphasis has been placed on identifying current security threats and vulnerabilities, prevalent in the IoV landscape, and how AI can be employed to mitigate these risks. The paper documents various concepts of AI, such as machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks, alongside their possible integration into IoV security. Safety, privacy, and data protection are the primary focal points; exploring how AI can promote efficient incident detection, prevention, and response. We also study AI's potential to analyze and comprehend intricate patterns, behaviours, and anomalies that could impact the safety, security, and overall functionality of IoV systems. Furthermore, this survey highlights the inevitable challenges and future research projections in AI-enabled IoV security, aiming to provide a comprehensive reference for stakeholders and researchers. The paper concludes with an anticipation of an improved IoV security landscape built on the pillars of AI technologies.



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Surendra Singh Chauhan. (2019). A Survey on AI enabled security of Internet of Vehicles. International Journal of New Media Studies: International Peer Reviewed Scholarly Indexed Journal, 6(2), 7–11. Retrieved from https://ijnms.com/index.php/ijnms/article/view/118