The Impact of Financial Literacy on Investment Decisions


  • Shilpi Gupta, Dr. Hema Singla


Financial Literacy, Financial Inclusion, Financial Behaviour, Investment Decision


This exploration intends to examine and quantify the impact of monetary proficiency, monetary conduct and pay on speculation choices. The kind of examination utilized is quantitative research distinct strategy. Types and information sources utilized are essential information that is information gathered and handled by the scientist himself from the item. How much populace in this examination is 29.231 understudy and the example strategy utilized is irregular testing by utilizing slovin recipe. Information were gathered by utilizing survey strategy from 100 understudy become test in this exploration. Information examination methods utilized in this research are enlightening factual investigation, information quality test, traditional supposition test, various direct relapse test, F test, t test and coefficient of assurance with the assistance of programming program SPSS form 22. The aftereffects of this exploration show that monetary proficiency no tremendous impact on speculation choices, while monetary and pay conduct altogether affect speculation choices



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