The Struggles and Achievements of Women in the Indian Media Industry


  • Dr. K. Ravichandran, Senthilkumar Ilango


Gender Dynamics, Media Industry, Historical Struggles, Contemporary Challenges, Achievements, Inclusivity and Gender Equity.


This study delves into the intricacies of gender dynamics inside the Indian media industry, offering a comprehensive investigation of historical struggles, contemporary challenges, and striking achievements. Established in a historical outline, the research uncovers well established gender biases, restricting opportunities and propagating stereotypical portrayals of women. Worldwide scholarly perspectives contextualize these challenges, emphasizing their universality in media settings around the world. Analyzing the present status and trends in gender disparities reveals persistent issues, including the gender pay hole, work environment harassment, and restricted representation in decision-making roles. The industry mirrors more extensive societal gender norms, necessitating a basic assessment of hierarchical practices and policies.



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