Navigating the Green Marketing Landscape: Best Practices and Future Trends


  • Bharati Rathore


Green Marketing, Green Consumerism, Sustainability


This paper provides an insightful exploration of the rapidly evolving Green Marketing Landscape, emphasizing best practices and predicting future trends within this niche. It delves into the strategies that enable businesses to capitalise on consumer awareness and concern about environmental issues, thus ensuing sustainable growth. Employing an exploratory methodology, the study examines multiple case studies of successful green marketing initiatives and extrapolates key elements for success. The paper points towards an increasing trend of customers leaning towards eco-friendly products and services and the following influence on marketing tactics. We identify and elaborate three prime categories of best practices: transparency, authenticity, and consumer education.



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Bharati Rathore. (2018). Navigating the Green Marketing Landscape: Best Practices and Future Trends. International Journal of New Media Studies: International Peer Reviewed Scholarly Indexed Journal, 5(2), 1–9. Retrieved from

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