From Trendy to Green: Exploring AI's Role in Sustainable Fashion Marketing


  • Bharati Rathore


This paper investigates the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in sustainable fashion marketing, serving as a driving force in the industry's shift from a focus on high-trend turnover to green practices. The perpetuation of fast fashion has led to detrimental environmental consequences, sparking an imperative need for sustainable practices in fashion marketing. The rise of AI technologies encloses potential for addressing this 'trendy to green' paradigm shift, providing efficient and technologically sophisticated solutions to marry profitability with environmental consciousness. In-depth exploration of AI applications reveals remarkable use cases, including predictive analytics for efficient production, personalization to enhance product longevity, and virtual fitting rooms to limit wastage.



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Bharati Rathore. (2019). From Trendy to Green: Exploring AI’s Role in Sustainable Fashion Marketing. International Journal of New Media Studies: International Peer Reviewed Scholarly Indexed Journal, 6(2), 12–22. Retrieved from

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